Henry County, Georgia
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Henry County Georgia Logo Cheap land and a large number of started homes help make Henry County he second-fastest growing county in Georgia during the 1990s, according to a county leader.

Henry's population grew 103.2 percent, second only to Forsyth County's 123.2 percent growth rate. Henry counted 58,741 people in 1990 and 119,341 people in 2000. By comparison, the county's population grew 61.8 percent in the 1980s.

Black, Hispanic and Asian populations increased during the 1990s, though whites still numerically dominate Henry.

Whites make up 81.4 percent of the population now, compared to 88.7 percent in 1990. Blacks are now 14.7 percent, compared to 10.3 percent in 1990. Hispanics are 2.3 percent of the population now, compared to only .8 percent 10 years ago.

Asians are 1.8 percent of the population now, compared to .6 percent in 1990.

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