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1992 Pontiac Grand Am 4 Door Sedan
This would make and excellent first time car for a student. 4 Door makes insurance premiums low and it is selling at far below book value.

Moisture MinderŪ water leak detection.
The Moisture MinderŪ is a US Patented system. Consisting of an electronic unit attached to a special FibretecŪ Mat. The mat is rolled out behind a refrigerator or washing machine or placed under a dishwasher waiting to alert you to the first drop of water that may leak and cause cupping to your hardwoods and the growth of mold in your house. Its effective especially in concealed areas.


Michael Munoz/Mortgage Broker
I can help you with all your mortgage and financing needs

Credit Resolution Services
We are Credit Resolution Services. Our goal is to help improve your credit rating so that today's dreams can more easily become tomorrow's reality. We accomplish this by meticulously going over your credit reports from the top three credit bureaus, noting the questionable entries and then demanding the reporting agencies show proof that what they have reported is accurate in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. We make sure all misleading and inaccurate information is removed from your file. In as little as 60 days, you will begin to see positive changes in your credit history!