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Relocating to the Atlanta area or simply moving to a different locationwithin the Greater Atlanta area?
Who will negotiate on your behalf for the very best price on your newhome? Will you know for certain that you have not paid too much?

In the vast majority of real estate transactions, all parties involved,(with the exception of the buyer), will unwittingly assist the sellerin obtaining the highest possible price.

Unless you specifically request that an agent represent you as aBuyer's Agent, all the agents who assist you, will in all likelihood beworking for the seller.

"A real estate broker doesn't work for you, but for the seller. If you want someone on your side, get a Buyers Agent" - Readers Digest

"Retain your own Buyer's Broker when buying a home" - Consumer Digest

"Buyer advocacy seems to be taking off. I'll never buy a house anyother way" - Wall Street Journal

"Buyers average a 5% savings when represented by a Buyer's Agent, ratherthan a Sales Agent" - Money Magazine

Appoint a seasoned professional who represents YOU exclusively and who'sloyalty is to YOU, the buyer. A person who is intuitive and yet tough and personable during negotiations.


  1. Using the latest technology in data bases featuring full-color,multi-media CD-ROM presentations, we will explore my data base ofover 25,000 currently listed residential properties. Not only willI give you an overview of what's available in your price range andpreferred geographical area, but I will save you an inordinate amount of time and frustration in searching for your dream home.I will leave no avenues unexplored to find exactly the home thatmeets your criteria. In addition, I will provide you with anyrelevant information such as schools, clubs, hospitals and localamenities.
  2. With an excellent knowledge of the mortgage industry, I am willing to assist you with loan pre-qualification and inobtaining the most competitive financing available on the market.
  3. I will go toe to toe with the seller and his agent innegotiating the very best deal possible for you.
  4. Having been a Change Management Consultant in CorporateAmerica, I understand the pressures associated with purchasinga home and will endeavor to make the transition as painlessand pleasant as possible.
  5. Finally, I offer my exclusive, professional services toyou at NO COST and my services also do not add, in any way,to the cost of the real estate transaction.

Real Estate NavigatorWho is Don Bell?
Don's career spans twenty years of financial management,turnaround project management, strategic planning andacquisitions. He has mentored and counseled hundredsof senior managers from Fortune 500 companies includingIBM, BellSouth, GE, Georgia Power Co., T.V.A.,Coca-Cola and many others. Don's background inFinancial Management and his "people skills" makehim an ideal negotiator, mediator and businessconsultant who's sole loyalty is to his client.Don majored in corporate law and finance and is aMember of the Atlanta Board of Realtors.

Don is a 17 year resident of Atlanta and specializes inthe golden triangle north of I-285 located betweenI-75 and I-85.

Don is an independent contractor who is proud to beassociated with RE/MAX North Atlanta, the top RE/MAXoffice in the USA and is located at:

12970 Highway 9
Alpharetta, Georgia 30201
Private line: (770) 663-3714
toll free: (800) 544-2513

( Each RE/MAX office is independently owned and operated. )

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