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The #1 factor in successful search engine marketing and placement is simply this: CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT.

Current up to date content w/ keyword emphasis.
The best method to keeping a site highly ranked in the search engines is to keep you content as up to date as possible. When writing this content you need to also keep in mind you likelihood of being listed higher for your selected keyords is to use them frequently in the text of this content. Use different phrase variations and synonyms of your keywords to establish good keyword saturation. Search Engines compare your META Keywords and Descriptions with the actual content for relevancy.

Unique content makes for best results. Too many time I see people mimic pages that already have high ranking thinking will put them near the top of the search engine results. This is not always true. It may be effective in the short run but in the long haul the site with the most unique content on the subject seems to rise to the top. I will repeat this again, use those keyword phrases but find a way to do it differently than your competition. When Search Engines see duplicate content it reduces the value of the content thus has a negative effect on the Search Engine Placement.

Make link agreements with non-competitive but related websites in your field. Stick with those that already have decent rankings. Check both the Google Page Rank Alexa Rankings before choosing who to link with. Paying small fees to be placed in directories that offer "featured listings" does work. I know this from experience. I own a few and have seen how as little as $25 has drove sites from a Google PR2 to a 4 or 5 within days just from being linked directly from a page rank 5 page. In addition these directories get a suprisingly large amount of traffic. The reason is many offer FREE listings beneath the featured listings therefore creating, constantly refreshed, unique content. I believe, but cannot prove it, many of these free listing sites that monitor there addtions and remain topic specific become "seeds" for the larger search engines. Spending a few dollars at the right sites is well worth the cost.

These are just a few tips, I will add more later as time permits. Thanks for visiting.
Roger Bredow -